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Happy NEW YEAR! :)
Louisiana, -
Great site...
Florida, -
Hi. Beautiful website very good work and nice design! I am impressed. A lot of interesting info. Thanks.
Jane Kravicky
Hanalei, Hawaii - United States
Hello! First time here. This site is very interesting. I like it! Best Wishes. Dorothy.
Dorothy Mackiton
Big Lake, Alaska - United States
Dear Mr.Ramsey; i am an aspiring artist from malaysia I visitad your art gallery when i was in kuching recently I had the pleasure of meeting narong daun and found her very pleasent and inspiring. Looking at your works both at the Kuching Hilton and at the gallery gives me much inspiration to aspire to be a painter. I hope to be able to meet you sometime. Till then wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year. And also not forgetting all at ARTrageously. Thank You.
Stephen Lee
Melaka, Melaka - Malaysia
Hello. Your website looks good. Nice job :). I am impressed...
Jack Harlinghton
Caryville, Florida - United States
what a "complete" habitat of art. it extremely create the mood of "art"... It's great!!
Butterworth, Penang - Malaysia
Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!
Sergej Brin
New York, NY - USA
Just thanks
Long Island, NY - USA
Great job on the design of your site. Everything looked very custom and professional. It's a niche market and you target your market beautifully. Graphics look original, page design is consistent throughout the site. Some links opened in new windows, others opened in the same window, there did not seem to be the same consistency here.
Night Fan
i when to sarawak for the rainforest festival middle of this year.. and i went to your shop at kuching.i bought some of the postcards... and i thought it was really great... i love it! the painting is fabolous... it's very unique in its own way...the paintings are amazing... i just wanna say here that im reaaly proud to be malaysian!
kuantan, pahang - malaysia
Fantastic fashion designs at the fashion show on 6th March 2004. Gorgeous models as well.
Joachim Lim
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory Malaysia -
I love the sight! The artwork is amazing, very moving. The elephants are awesome, I love them!
Michelle N
I had the pleasure of making Ramsay Ong's acquaintance in 1963 in Kuching. We were in our early twenties. He was already a well-recognized artist in the batik mode. It has been gratifying to follow, through the media, his continued advancement in his field through the years since then. And thank you for your website, from which I have filled a folder full of your beautiful photos of Ramsay's paintings. One day, soon, I shall visit your gallery to admire the paintings themselves.
Ivan Ho
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -
Great site. I will be in KL during early April and plan to visit your art gallery. Also, will be in Kuching during late August and will repeat the visit then.
Clive Winter
Perth, Western Australia Australia -
Interesting paintings
Yvonne Chen
Perth, Australia -
Proud to be a Sarawakian. I met Donald a while back and he talked about coming to US for the exhibition. Let me know when and where.
Humphrey Roria
Seattle, WA USA -
Hi Ramsay, Thanks for this web site. I found what I was looking for.
Fraser Island, Qld Australia -
Yes, Fantastic Gallery of Works, thanks
Hi Ramsay! I am the nephew of Rick. Erin is the neice of Rick also. We like your paintings. I like the Tiger collection and Erin likes the Horse collection. We hope that you keep painting. From Connor and Erin.
Connor and Erin MacKinnon
Toronto, Canada -
It would be good if we could introduce Artrageously Asia to Australia as people here are very interested in Borneo's cultural diversity. Artrageously Asia has inspired me to teach people about Borneo, its culture, traditions and arts.
Elaine Shookry
Melbourne, VIC Australia -
Beautiful artwork, I especially adore your abstract pieces
Sook Lin
Hi, Ramsay & Company @ ARTrageously Asia. Thanks for info on the latest exhibition by a 'Visiting Artist'. Just came home from Kuching last night. Might not be able to make it. Appreciate being informed, however.
David Ong Lee Thong @ D.M. Lessler
Miri, Sarawak Malaysia -
be an establish gallery in malaysia, i hope so...maybe i want to take a part in ur gallery one day...
mior ahmad nazril b. mohamad yusof anuar
kuala lumpur, kuala lumpur malaysia -
Hello Ramsay, Donald, Marina, Edric!!!!!!So many fond memories of your recent stay here, and our times together. Best of luck for a successful WEFT Forum.Love from your Honolulu brother. Bill
William Feltz
Honolulu, -
Good Paintings
ShahAlam, Malaysia -
Hi Mr. Ong, It's Donald here! Don't worry if you can't remember me. (met at Elizabeth's over the late Richard Ong's bereavement) I was in the midst of working on my thesis; felt a little tired and decided to visit some 'home sites' and found yours. Thought I would drop a little note to say 'hello'. How are you doing? Trust that all is well. Your site is certainly great!! Well done!! Edinburgh is in the midst of festivities with Edinburgh Festival but I've got loads to do!! Best wishes to you, Donald Jute
Donald Jute
fantastic site, nice ART
New York, NY US -
Saya ingin mendapatkan maklumat pelukis dan pameran yang terkini.Sila hantar ke e-mail saya.
Mohd Nizam b. Hj. Radzaly
Kajang, Selangor Malaysia -
syabas for making us sarawakians so proud. Agi idup agi ngelaban.
PJ, SELANGOR Malaysia -
Excellent website which is as varied as it is interesting. Would you consider doing an exhibition in Singapore at a new art gallery I have just opened at Holland Village jointly with a Singapore artisit and a German art gallery owner.
Ms Mala Mohan
Singapore, Singapore Singapore -
colin cahill
Birmingham, England -
Hello Ramsay, apa khabar? Donna Elford told me that you have opened a new gallery in KL and passed on your website address and here I am to congratulate you on a lovely site. Syabas dan tahniah! Masih ingat pada Rogaiyahkah tidak? Saya pernah tinggal di Miri dan beberapa kali kita jumpa bersama Donna di toko awak bersembang minum kopi dan berbual about everything including art! Pernah juga awak datang kerumah saya untuk makan tengahari dan sebagai hadiah memberi sebuah mangkuk antik - setiap kali say melihat mangkuk tu teringat pada Ramsay. Saya akan ke KL 26hb Aug. A little hornbill told me you will be there too. I hope to meet up with you then. Till then, take care and congratulations and all the best dari orang Singapure.
Rogaiyah Breakwell
Muscat, Oman -
This year in April I was staying at a hotel next to your gallery in KL. I am so glad we did! Cherrin Chiew told us so much about the artist, the paintings and the gallery, and the day after, we met Ramsay Ong himself. It was so interesting to talk to such a great artist, because we really fell in love with some of the paintings, especially Curry sunset. One day i'm going to buy one of these paintings ... I can't wait to get back to KL. Good luck with your lovely gallery. Best wishes, Ann from Sweden
Ann Brundin
Sweden -
Whilst travelling in Sarawak recently on a visit to my friend, I managed to pop into your gallery, Outrageously Ramsay and have to admit that I fell in Love with some of the pieces there, but alas, was to chicken to buy them!!! I am suffering now from eternal regrets and am now hoping that my friend will get it for me as a presenet. Anyway, Keep up the good work and I will pray that you will be blessed and will continue to be inspired to create and spread the wonderful Sarawak designs, craft and culture to all over the world. /ps. what were u doing in Sri Lanka?
Gregory Anton Maria Savan
London, England United Kingdom -
Congratulations..!Your paintings are really wonderful.. You probably wont remember,but we met on one of your short flt,you were travelling on Bussiness class and i was one the the crew member working in that section and you gave me this website address..Lost it for awhile..,but l'm glad l finally found it and had a chance to go thru your works.. Lovely...and on my next trip to K.L.,l'll sure wont miss seeing your other works...
Singapore -
Excellent & syabas ! I hope they'll show the price of painting collections in this site. Thank you.
sarawak -
I like your work and attitude. Thanks for contributing to the Malaysian art scene; it's in dire need of a little shaking up! My website's aimed to attract other young aspiring Malaysian artists like myself. --Gnute.
We were in your Kuching gallery just last week. Until our return, it is good to have the chance to revisit in this way.
Aidan and Lesley Corrigan
Guildford, Surrey England -
Excellent work & to have finally met you!
Rodziah Zainudin
Kuala Lumpur, -
Guten Tag!
Hans Anderson
Education, -
Hello from Japan!
Koito Yamamoto
Government, -
Thank you.
George Duke
Government, -
Very Very good!
John Pendoza
Miscellaneous, -
Great use of the wax technique.
Bob Murphy
I arrived at your site after researching Panaga Club, but I think the works of art are beautiful and very interesting, and look forward to seeing the works of art at the Brunei Museum in April, 02. Annette Code
Annette Code
B.C. Canada -
Real cool site...nice web design
Ramsay, Roger and I have 2 of your batiks! Women in the longhouse tattooing another; and a kampong scene with the moon/sun commented that you had experimented with Turner's techniques! We call it Turner Point! Actually Roger and I both wanted to buy Turner Point. Neither of us gave in so we bought it jointly...we've been married now 28 years and stilll share it! Apa khabar?
Carol Durgy Brooks PCV Group 30 1070-73
Loved the launch of your gallery the other day! Enjoyed myself immensely...I think you bring somthing bright and beautiful to the art world....Keep the artwork coming!!!
Lyn Alhady
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory Malaysia -
Congratulations on your new outlet in Kuala Lumpur. The economy must really be picking up!
art enthusiast
Excellent site, great improvement from previous version. Carry on the good work
HI Ramsay, Great art Ramsay, Hope to see you soon!! Karen Parker
karen parker
fairfax, virginia usa -
Just surfed on by whilst looking for artworks for Christmas. Interesting work. Is the artist coming to the US anytime soon?
I am very proud of a Sarawakian achieving what Ramsay has in the artistic world. And pleased at Artrageously Ramsay's efforts to promote Sarawakian art.... it's about time someone creates a catalyst for the artistic and cultural development in Sarawak, to shed some light & insight into what we're about.
Joanna Ling
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territories Malaysia -
Dear Ramsay I really enjoy to look at your work it's wonderfull. Please if you came to Thailand again please give me a call,. I'll love to see you again. Love Pilar Baker
Great site!
Terry Garber



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